LED Home & Outdoor –

Our range of outdoor lighting will help to light up areas around the home such as the deck, balcony, courtyard, garden or façade to further enhance your home’s curb appeal.

LED Home & Outdoor

led-garden-spike-light [ View Product + ]

Garden Spike Light

Illuminate your garden with these low voltage low wattage lights.

led-deck-light [ View Product + ]

Deck Light

Add some mood and ambient lighting to your deck area.

led-up-down-wall-light [ View Product + ]

Up-down Wall Lights

Great for enhancing the façade of houses, creating layers of illumination that accent the architecture of your house.

led-swivel-wall-light [ View Product + ]

Swivel Wall Lights

Provide a focal point of illumination with directional flexibility.

angled-led-wall-lights [ View Product + ]

Angled Wall Lights

Light up and accent your walls and façade in style and with some creativity.