LED Strip Lights –

Available in flexible or hard strips, these single or multi-colored RGB lights can be used in many different types of applications to provide ambience, mood or functional lighting.

LED Strip Lights

Flex strip WW 216_144 [ View Product + ]

LED Flexible Strip Light

Easily manipulated to fit in narrow pelmet areas, ceiling recess or back lighting a wall ornament.

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Single Colour or RGB Colour Strip Lights

Single Colour or RGB Colour Strip Lights. Set your lighting to your mood of the day

Saber 3014  Strip lighted_216_144 [ View Product + ]

SABER Flexible Strip Light

Super bright, premium LED flexible strip lights that are ideal for commercial and domestic environments that require the brightness without the use of conventional light fittings.


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Side View Flexible Strip

Side view strips allow for distribution of light in a specific direction and facilitates ease of installation especially around corner.

led-hard-strip-light [ View Product + ]

LED Hard Strip Light

Create illumination on the underside of wardrobes and cabinets or design a customize solution to fit a commercial application.